Half-Price SuperEnaLotto Tickets

PlayHugeLottos.com will be offering a half-price sale on SuperEnaLotto tickets until the 17th March!

Superenalotto €177.7 million

March is a month when many go slightly crazy, hence the term ‘March Madness’. PlayHugeLottos.com has decided to go a little mad themselves by offering a stunning half-price sale on the extremely popular Italian lottery, SuperEnaLotto.

That’s right, the SuperEnaLotto ticket price has been reduced by 50% and is now selling at half price!

Why You Should Play SuperEnaLotto

The Italian SuperEnaLotto currently holds the record for the 4th highest jackpot ever offered in Europe – a jaw-dropping €177.7 million!
Currently sitting at €50.1 million, a SuperEna jackpot win would certainly make an attractive addition to your bank account. In fact, we are certain it would change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

If you are new to this fabulous lottery then now is the perfect time to give SuperEnaLotto a try.

If you are a seasoned veteran of the game then be sure to stock up on tickets during this promotional period (4th – 17th March).


How To Get The Discount

Easy – all you have to do is play! Simply place your entries as usual, the cost is already automatically reduced.

Please note the following: Ticket price seen on site during the promotional period is the actual discounted price. There will not be any further deductions after purchase.

The offer does not apply to accounts with already discounted SuperEnaLotto tickets or to purchases of already discounted products such as Bundles.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get your half-priced SuperEnaLotto tickets before it’s too late. This once-off special promotion will only be offered until the 17th March.

Millions of Euros are waiting for you!

play SuperEna

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