Lottery Awards Buzz Bigger Than Oscars?

The 2013 Academy Awards or ‘Oscars’ have recently taken place in Hollywood, USA. Do you agree with the results, which movie was your favourite? Tell us your thoughts and 5 random comments will each win 5 FREE USA Powerball vouchers.

Here at we are getting pretty used to records being broken. In fact, there were at least 4 lottery records broken last year:

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As you can see, it was a pretty big year!


At the 2013 Oscars Daniel Day-Lewis made history by breaking the record for the most number of ‘Best Actor’ awards ever won by a single actor. On Sunday night he took home his 3rd Best Actor Oscar, this time for his amazing portrayal of American Civil War President, Abraham Lincoln.(We predicted that ‘Lincoln’ would be a primary contender at the Oscars in a Newsletter back in January – when the Powerball was coincidently also sitting at $90 million!)

What about the other winners? Whilst many movie buffs may not begrudge Daniel Day-Lewis his 3rd Oscar, there were some winning results that may have been considered slightly controversial. What do you think?

Well, don’t feel too bad for the losers on Oscar night. Apart from the honour of being nominated they also all walked away with a ‘goodie bag’ containing $45,000.00 worth of free gifts. These include vouchers for holidays, personal training sessions and cosmetic surgery treatments.


The “Big Six” winners at the 2013 Oscars were:


Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis

Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway

Best Director – Ang Lee

Best Movie – Argo

What do you think about the above awards list? Did the Oscars all go to the worthiest winners?

Tell us your thoughts about the 2013 Oscars and 5 random comments will each win 5 FREE USA Powerball vouchers. Winners announced on Monday 4th March.
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