October Spanish Raffle now Available

Having just put the September raffle to bed – the lucky 5 digit winning number being 7,0,1,2,3 – we are happy to announce that tickets for the next big ‘Loteria Nacional Extra’ raffle are already available on PlayHugeLottos.com.

October 5th 2013 sees the drawing of another exciting Spanish raffle. September’s ‘Sorteo Extraordinario’ was called ‘The Tourist’ in honour of the many tourists visiting Spain during the month of September. October’s special raffle does not have any special name as it will be honouring itself.

That’s right – the October draw is being dedicated to the 250 years that the Loteria Nacional raffle has been running.

250th Anniversary Draw of the Spanish National Lottery – will this auspicious date prove to be a lucky one for you?

Make sure you are in with a shot at one of the many prizes up for grabs on the October 5th draw – get your raffle tickets early to avoid disappointment.


The total prize fund for the October special raffle is sitting at €105,000,000.00 and just like the September raffle there is a special top prize that is being awarded to just one decimo amongst all the jackpot winning tickets.

A top prize of €19,870,000.00 will be taken home by one lucky holder of the winning combination. That’s enough to make anyone’s October the best month of year!

The top 5 prize tiers are listed below and are listed per Series (of which there are 10 series in total)

1 Prize of €1,300,000.00 (1 selection of 5 digits) …………. €1,300,000.00
1 Prize of €250,000.00 (1 selection of 5 digits) …………. €250,000.00
40 Prizes of €3,750 (4 selections of 4 digits) …………. € 150,000.00
1,300 Prizes of €750 (thirteen selections of 3 digits) …………. €975,000.00
1,000 Prizes of €300 (one selections of 2 digits) …………. €300,000.00

There are many additional smaller prize tiers from various winning number combinations which you can view on the October raffle prize breakdown page.

For players looking for Billions instead of simply hundreds of Millions don’t delay in getting your tickets in for our other Spanish raffle on offer, the epic Spanish Christmas draw, known locally as Sorteo de Navidad.

Good luck to all our raffle players!


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